Holiday Decorating and Electrical Safety

It is the holiday season and most will be decorating their homes and businesses with holiday lights and decorations. Before decorating inside and out there are some safety checks to complete to avoid fires and other hazards. 

All holiday lights and decorations should be visually checked for damaged wiring, loose or broken sockets as well as, if they are simply aged. If your holiday decorations are old or damaged, they should be discarded and replaced.

Do not overload your electrical outlets, overloading an outlet can cause overheating and potentially cause a fire. No more then three light strings or extension cords on any outlet is a good rule to decorate by.

All outdoor decorations and extension cords used should be rated for outdoor use. Outdoor outlets should be equipped with Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).

Never leave your holiday lights or decorations on over-night and keep all decorations away from any heat source such as space heaters and fireplaces.

Consider using LED lights, as they are durable and longer lasting.

If using a real tree for the holidays remember to choose one that is not dried out. In addition, keep you real tree thoroughly hydrated through the holidays to avoid any possible fire hazards.

Please keep young children and your pets away from all holiday decorations especially electrical holiday lights and trees.

Have a safe and happy holiday from our family to yours!

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