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Times are tough and money is tight, so maybe now’s the time
to think about the bottom line. Do you really save money by hiring a handyman
to do electrical work in and around your home? Why do people hire handymen in
the first place, because nine times out of ten they are cheaper than a Licensed
Electrician? Why are they cheaper, because they are not licensed nor are they
bonded or insured. A handy man cannot make over $500.00 for any given job. Unlicensed
handymen do not know the National Electrical Code (NEC) and their work more
times than none reflect this fact.

The Registrar of Contractors guarantees a licensed
Electricians work and jobs that require permits also require a city inspection.
I am a licensed Electrician, I take pride in the work I do, and above all, I
know my electrical work is safe and up to code.

I cannot count the times I have been called out to someone’s
home and found dangerous electrical handyman work that of course needed
repaired. The homeowner now has not only paid the handyman for his unlicensed
work, but now has to pay to have their electrical brought back to code. At
least they had the opportunity to have the handyman’s work repaired before any
loss of property or life.  

If you are not comfortable, doing the work yourself then it
only makes sense to hire someone who is Knowledgeable, Licensed, Bonded, and
Insured and will be held responsible for the professional electrical work done
in your family’s home.

I am proud of the Electrical work I do, and my title of Licensed
Electrical Contractor is one I wear proudly! 

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