Leave Home Theater to the Professionals

Leave Home Theater to the Professionals

Building a home theater system can be a great way to enjoy some television and movies in your own home, while capturing some of that theater experience. However, setting up your own home theater can often be a challenge. Before you make the decision to set up your own or turn to the professionals for installation, consider these common mistakes people make.

Incorrect Viewing Distance and Angle

Viewing in a home theater is supposed to be comfortable. This means there is a delicate balance between being too far from the screen and too close. Sitting too close to the screen can create problems with quality and too far away can cause difficulty in seeing finer details. Another common problem individuals make in setting up a home theater is placing the screen too high so viewers have to look up. Viewers should be able to look straight ahead.

Poorly Routed Foot Traffic

The layout of many living rooms and home theater rooms is such that individuals have to walk in front of the screen to get in and out. Bathroom breaks, snack runs and other distractions can cause issues with people walking in front of the screen, disrupting other people’s experience. It is best to set up a room where individuals can walk behind the seating to get out.

Surround Sound in a Small Space

When choosing the right speaker setup for your home theater, you need to consider the space you have. Most people automatically think a home theater means you need surround sound. However, if you set up this theater in a smaller room, surround sound is a bad choice. These systems take up a lot of space and often require wires, making them a poor option for smaller spaces.

Not Spending Enough

No one wants to overspend on their home theater system. Unfortunately, this often means individuals don’t spend enough money on their system. It is important to first make a list of the components you will need, including television, speakers, cables, surge protector, receiver and more. Make sure everything you buy is compatible and on the same level so it all works well together.

Choosing the Wrong Viewing Choices

Home theaters are meant to showcase movies and television shows to create a new experience. However, simply installing a Blu-ray player and an antenna television set isn’t going to give you the experience you are looking for. It is often best to choose a streaming option for the greatest selection of viewing for every type of viewer. Streaming video gives you access to movies, sports and other shows so everyone can find something they enjoy. Picking up a high quality DVR is a likely one of the most valuable investments you can make.  DirecTV currently offers the best DVR on the market and you can pick up special new subscription rates at www.SaveonTVDirect.com.

Not Listening to Your Gut

When you set up your home theater, you likely had ideas for what you wanted from your set up. However, when you go to the store to buy the components, the salespeople are likely to try to talk you into buying something entirely different. Always go with your gut when you are making purchases. The salespeople at the electronics store are not likely to be experienced with setting up home theaters.

A home theater can be a great addition to any home as long as it is done correctly. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t set it up the way it should be, resulting in a variety of issues. If you aren’t sure about setting up your home theater, it is best to hire the professionals to make sure it is set up the right way.

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